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Rates April 9, 2010

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60,00 euros per session/treatment

A treatment can last anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half depending on the individual and the healing that is needed.

It is completely dependent on the client on the number of treatments they wish to receive as each client is unique. For chronice conditions I would recommend 4 to 6 full healing sessions which will allow a cumulative build up of the energy in the client.  This is usually enough to sort out stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness and emotional problems; physical stuff can take a little longer. Yet, others choose to have reiki ‘top-ups’ as a preventative measure or for pampering.

Special Promotion

Every 5 new clients that you refer to me who book and pay for a session, you will receive your next Reiki Session FREE.

I keep a record of all the referrals received and once you have reached the target, I will be in contact with you to give you the good news!

: Remind your friends and family to mention your name at their first Reiki session so the referral can be recorded under your name.


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